Below are two charts showing  a short flight on 2/18/18. The first one shows RPM, TAS, PALT and FF. The area highlighted shows 171 knots TAS at a pressure density of 8500 ( not shown on chart ) with a FF of 8.5 as I had leaned it back some. With the current prop pitch this is about top speed. I typically cruse at 160 knots with a FF of around 7.3. This flight was done with one person on board and a fuel load of 26 gallons ( 32 gal is max ), OAT was 57F on the ground.

The second chart shows EGT, CHT, oil temp and oil pressure. This engine runs very cool. The highest CHT I have seen is 340 degrees in the summer and I leave the oil cooler about 95% blocked off all the time. Engine will typically use one quart between oil changes.

The third item is an oil analysis report showing data back to 2014.


Click here for oil analysis report > N377LM-170417